Anheuser-Busch, Inc.

After acquiring the rights to distribute Grolsch in its acquisition by InBev, Anheuser-Busch decommissioned the Anheuser World Select brand, and we turned our attention to the little Dutch import that could.

Our first challenge was to reintroduce a brand that has been around for almost 400 years. We developed a light-hearted and humorous handbook that encouraged consumers to learn about and experiment with different ways of opening the Grolsch, the project transcended a mere marketing piece about an import beer. The different bottle-opening techniques and their humorous nicknames became a source of entertainment in bars and house parties across the nation. “Pimp Your Swingtop” stickers gave patrons a fun way to express their individuality—a core value of the Grolsch brand.

We not only managed to make a cool portfolio piece, but the “How to Swing!” handbook took home a regional and national Addy.

The handbook was rolled out to market in a national print campaign.


Addy - Saint Louis Silver


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