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The Amarula brand wanted a Q4 campaign for the New York metro area, driving awareness for its conservancy initiative, and ultimately increasing sales.

We developed a campaign that leveraged OOH and Transit boards, alongside a geo-targeted blogger campaign.

Six boards across the city complimented, invitation ads on Amateur Gourmet, theKitchn, and A beautiful Mess. Companion articles on the trendsetting blogger sites, prompted consumers to try Amarula.

After clicking, consumers were immersed in an interactive full-page take-over, where they could explore the brand, watch videos and download unique recipes, as well as find Amarula at a nearby store.

The three month campaign performed well above benchmark. Delivering 12,771,426 impressions, with a 34% completion rate (and a click through rate of almost 10%). Sales for the New York metro area were up 27% for Q4.

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