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Budweiser Motorcycle

We were asked to help Budweiser reintroduce itself to the ever-growing biker community, both nationally and around the world, and to reestablish the integral link between bikers and Budweiser, as American icons.

At the same time Budweiser was introducing their “heritage” packaging, and I saw an opportunity to introduce the motorcycle community to “The Classic American Longneck” with an elegant poster showcasing the sexy lines of the new bottle alongside the classic Harley-Davidson sportster.

To further tie the Budweiser brand to the biker lifestyle, We used iconic “road trip” images with a chrome brand identity, an approach that resonated exceptionally well with the target demographic.

In cooperation with Meyers display, we designed and produced a motorcycle motion display in which the Budweiser cans oscillated to replicate the signature movement of a V-twin engine. In this case, our attention to detail paid off, resulting in a POP gold award.

The campaign was rolled out to market across OOH, On and Off premise merchandising mediums.