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Craft of Draught

The Anheuser-Busch National Draught sales team wanted a comprehensive marketing tool that would improve draught knowledge, invigorate draught sales, and encourage discussion and interest in draught beer. With different regions selling different beers, the program needed a flexible component-style system.

We designed the main body of the brochure to educate retailers about the “Craft of Draught” beer and why it’s important to their establishment. With a custom sleeve integrated into the back of the brochure allowing sales representatives to insert individual brand sheets that were pertinent to their specific retail accounts.

A rich, elegant cover with beer splashing into a glass chalice created the premium tone that followed throughout the rest of the brochure.

For each individual brand sheet, we highlighted the suggested glassware and identified the key selling points in a logical and visually appealing way. We worked with copywriters to craft romantic draught copy that showcased the aroma, taste, and mouth feel of each beer.

The end result was an engaging piece that helped launch a renewed interest in the Craft of Draught and opened the eyes and the taps of retailers nationwide.

The campaign was rolled out to markets across Print, and Direct Mail.