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Stanley Steemer

Stanley Steemer’s Spot Remover and Odor Out Plus were historically sold from the back of company vans with absolutely no in-store distribution. To help launch the products for retail, we created packaging and the campaign “The Power of the Van, Now in Your Hand.”

Alongside a comprehensive introductory brochure for distributors, I played off of the brands long-standing history and used on-premise promotional end-aisle displays to re-introduce consumers to a brand they already knew and loved. I developed inexpensive floor decals featuring “footprints” that led consumers from high traffic areas of the retail outlet to the in store test area, where given an opportunity to make a stain and then remove it with a Stanley Steemer product.

Coupon offers at the test area helped close the sale. Branded neck riders with integrated coupon offers provided consumers with a satisfaction guarantee as well provide a vehicle to promote Stanley Steemer’s home cleaning services from its franchise network, increasing sales at both retail and franchise levels.

We integrated brand lifestyle imagery to a series of posters and outdoor boards that empathized with the dirtiness of everyday life.

The campaign was rolled out to select test markets across OOH, Print and Off premise merchandising mediums.